Children’s Hub

Children's Hub

Extra-Curricular Activities

Library – Reading corners are provided in classrooms and reading logs. The school Library is operated by library monitors and is stocked with the latest fiction, classics and Islamic literature, encouraging students to develop their love for reading and learning.

Scholastic Book Club – Our book club monitors also provide students the opportunity to purchase their favourite books for their reading pleasure. Annually, they hold a large scale event, selling best sellers and raising extensive monies for the school library in donated books.

Charity – Students organize regular in-house charity events for Muslim as well as non-Muslim charity organizations.

Ramadhan Activities – Ramadhan is a special time for us all and we encourage our pupils to utilize their time to reap the rewards of this blessed month. The following list are just a few examples of this effort:

– Ramadhan Gift Bags (presented to students at the start of the month,
– Ramadhan Resolution display board
– Food for the Homeless
– Ramadhan Mood boards
– Iftar Party
– Daily Ramadhan Reminders
– Zikr Sessions
– Ramadhan Post

Our school’s entire ethos is underpinned with RESPECT and our teachers, students, helpers and parents all know of our RESPECT values.  Respect forms an acronym for our seven core values.

Respect– respecting everyone, our environment, our neighbours, our friends, peers and ourselves

Excellence– in all that we do.  In our character. In dealing with other people.  In our work

Sincerity– always checking our intention is good and doing things for the right reason.  Honesty in all that we do

Patience– With everyone, peers, teachers, learning. 

Equality– giving everyone equal respect.  Respecting everyone’s beliefs. Valuing our fellow citizens.

Charity– kindness to all.  Giving up something for others. Helping those less fortunate to ourselves and helping those in need

Teamwork– working together

In order to promote and praise good behaviour, children are awarded RESPECT points and at the end of every half term, the point are totalled up and the children can choose prizes to take home.