We at Lote Tree Primary try and encourage Parents and the Local community to get involved in the school.
There are 5 ways you can get involved in the school

  • Enrolling your children
  • Promoting the school
  • Working or Volunteering at the School
  • Donating or helping to raise funds for the school
  • Most importantly doing Duas for the success of the school

Lote Tree Primary is an Independent School and therefore is not funded by the Government. The modest fees at the moment do not cover the running costs of the school.

Donations can be made to the school via the bank one-off or regular payments

By cheque, postal order or bankers draft:

Please make cheques payable to: Coventry Muslim School
And send it to:
Coventry Muslim School
643 Foleshill Road,

By paying directly into our bank account:

Name of Beneficiary:
Coventry Muslim School
Beneficiary’s Bank & Branch:
422 Foleshill Road,
Coventry CV6 5AL
Sort Code:
Account No:


Please fill in the amount you would like to donate in the space below and click the “Donate” button.
(If you are making regular payments, please try paying it by Standing Order in order to cut down our costs).

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